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How to import Google AdWords keyword data into Salesforce?

As digital marketers, we’re responsible for the ROI of every dollar we spend in our AdWords campaigns. AdWords reporting tells us which keywords bring in the most traffic, but it doesn’t tell us which deliver the highest ROI. To deploy your AdWords budget as effectively as possible, you should import your keywords into Salesforce. When…

GA Connector: An Affordable Bizible Alternative for Marketing Attribution

What is Bizible? Aimed toward the B2B market, Bizible is a marketing attribution software that provides marketers with insight about the effectiveness of their various marketing initiatives. With Bizible, marketers are able to track the customer journey through their website from first touch-point to final sale, as well as see how their marketing decisions impact…

Salesforce and Google Analytics Integration

The purpose of Salesforce and Google Analytics integration If you spend any significant amount of money on online marketing, you know this little-known fact: not all leads are the same. Even though they appear the same in Google Analytics reports, some of these leads may be ten times more valuable as the others. The problem…

How to save GCLID (Adwords click ID) to Salesforce

Saving GCLID (Adwords click ID) to Salesforce is an essential part of Salesforce & Adwords integration. In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step how you can do this. Step 1 – Make sure that Adwords adds GCLID to ad URLs All you need to do is make sure that auto-tagging is enabled for your Adwords account….

Salesforce and Facebook Ads integration

In this article, we’ll show you how to integrate Facebook Ads information into Salesforce. With this integration, you’ll be able to see: which of your Leads and Opportunities came from Facebook Ads; which Facebook Ads campaigns, ad sets and ad creative brought the most revenue, Opportunities and Leads. How does the Salesforce & Facebook Ads integration…

Closed Loop Marketing for Salesforce

What is closed-loop marketing? And what does it have to do with Salesforce? In this article we’ll show how you can implement closed-loop marketing and closed-loop analytics in Salesforce. So the idea behind closed-loop marketing is that sales and marketing teams are aligned under a common goal (usually revenue and profits). In the traditional model, sales…

Retired Salesforce for Google AdWords alternatives (full overview)

Looking for some sort of Adwords and Salesforce integration script or plugin? Look no more: in this article, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of all Salesforce & Adwords integration methods currently available. Since Salesforce for Google AdWords retired in 2013,  we created this article with an overview of all the alternative integration methods currently available. Method…

Salesforce and Google Adwords Connector

Do you actually need this Salesforce & Google Adwords integration? If you’re spending any significant amount of money with Adwords, then the answer is a resounding yes! A Salesforce and Google Adwords integration will help you skyrocket sales driven by your Adwords campaigns and other marketing channels. Why? Because it’s crucial to know the ROI of…

Salesforce and Contact Form 7 Integration (the easiest method)

Our customers often asked us what is the best & easiest way to integrate Contact Form 7 with Salesforce. To answer this question, we have researched the currently available methods to automatically save CF7 submissions to Salesforce. And in this article, we’re sharing the simplest method we could find. This method: Is free (doesn’t require installing…

How to eliminate “” as a referral in Google Analytics

If you’re using Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms, you may encounter a problem with your Google Analytics reporting. When you look at your GA reports, you may notice that some goal conversions are attributed to the referral source of “” (or similar). This is a problem, because it prevents you from seeing the source that actually drove…


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