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Case Study: How GA Connector helps NetReputation save 7 figures with data

At GA Connector, we’re proud to share the success story of NetReputation, America’s largest online reputation management company. This case study highlights how GA Connector significantly enhanced their marketing strategies and decision-making processes.   It’s hard to say how much exactly the data from GA Connector helped us save, but it’s in the millions of…

Case study: How GA Connector helped One Foot Abroad save the ads that drove 44.5% of their revenue

One Foot Abroad is a tour booking company that helps arrange trekking experiences in some of the most beautiful places in Europe. It is a group that includes Follow the Camino, the original Camino de Santiago tour operator. Follow the Camino specializes in organizing walking and cycling holidays along the Camino de Santiago. For 6…

How Atomic Digital Marketing uses GA Connector to measure the ROAS

Marketing agencies are one of those businesses with long sales cycles, where you can’t just configure Google Analytics to track the final proposals to clients and revenue. Because everything beyond submitting the lead form on the website, happens outside the website. Everything that happens to the lead after they leave the website, is only recorded…

How is using GA Connector to save Money and Improve Lead Conversion.

Guest Post by Oscar Aabech Jung, Co-Founder, Here is a story of how is using GA Connector to track lead sources of customer requests, help our sales team and give better customer service. is a platform for bus rental across the US and Canada. The company rents out School buses and Charter…


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