What is Bizible?

Aimed toward the B2B market, Bizible is a marketing attribution software that provides marketers with insight about the effectiveness of their various marketing initiatives. With Bizible, marketers are able to track the customer journey through their website from first touch-point to final sale, as well as see how their marketing decisions impact revenue.

Unfortunately, marketing attribution software options such as Bizible come at a significant cost. After all, they provide 360-degree insights about customers, as well as marketing channels and the ROI they generate. Thankfully, there are viable and affordable Bizible alternatives available like the one we built called GA Connector.

Enter GA Connector: An Affordable Bizible Alternative

GA Connector is a tool that integrates Google Analytics with CRMs such as Salesforce and Zoho. In doing so, it enables marketers to create powerful Google Analytics attribution reports that measure the exact ROI of their various marketing activities. By utilizing GA Connector, marketers are able to do a few things, including:

  •       Discover how customers find them and which referral sources customers value most.
  •       Track the entire customer journey through their website.
  •       Determine which channels generate the highest ROI and invest accordingly.
  •       Track offline sales and attribute those to their source.
  •       Focus on generating highly qualified leads that convert.

With GA Connector, marketers are able to marry the data between Google Analytics and CRMs. As a result, they can measure the actual dollar value of each campaign and channel, and thus increase their marketing ROI.

GA Connector vs Bizible

Both GA Connector and Bizible help marketers achieve similar goals; to track and maximize the effectiveness of their various marketing initiatives. Here’s how GA Connector stacks up compared to Bizible.


GA Connector Bizible
Starting Price $97 per month $1,500 per month
Great For Integrating Google Analytics with various CRMs to track marketing ROI. Tracking marketing ROI by utilizing the Bizible Framework.
User Interface Utilizes familiar Google Analytics user interface. Own user interface. Requires training. 
Product Features Importing CRM data into Google Analytics;

Importing Google Analytics data into CRM software;

Integration with Multiple CRMs;

Inbuilt ROI Tracking;

Attribution Modelling;

Multi-touch Attribution;

Referral Source Tracking;

Conversion Tracking;

Pageview Tracking;

Free Trial Yes Yes
Support Yes Yes

Affordable Price Point

A major advantage of GA Connector vs Bizible is pricing. Bizible packages start at around $1500/month, while GA Connector allows you to import the same traffic source information for just $97/month.

Bi-directional integration with Google Analytics

With GA Connector, you can import Salesforce information directly into Google Analytics. This will allow you to use powerful Google Analytics capabilities to create marketing attribution reports that measure the exact ROI of your marketing initiatives.


GA Connector is a compact tool that provides you with a simple solution to the marketing attribution problem, by automatically syncing your Google Analytics and CRM data.

Bizible does have its own multi-attribution engine, but it requires your staff to adapt to completely new software. If you already like and use Google Analytics and would prefer not to invest resources into training staff to use Bizible then GA Connector is the way to go.

How to Maximise your ROI with GA Connector

If you’re after an affordable way to acquire valuable marketing insights then try GA Connector. With our software, you can track marketing ROI through integrated Google Analytics and CRM reporting.

To take advantage of GA Connector: 

  1. Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial
  2. Begin the setup process by selecting your chosen CRM and following the provided steps
  3. Build powerful attribution reports that provide insight about the ROI of all marketing channel you utilize