About GA Connector Team

Building marketing integrations since 2015
Who We Are

We're a team of seasoned marketing technology professionals dedicated to building marketing integrations for 8+ years (and counting). The company is located in the US, with team members located across Europe and Asia.

GA Connector Founder
Sergii Zuev Founder
GA Connector Back-end developer
Milos Zivkovic Back-end developer
GA Connector Front-end developer
Querwin Guron Front-end developer
GA Connector CRM Integration Specialist
Ardian Lumi CRM Integration Specialist
GA Connector Customer Support Representative
Millicent Bagaloyos Customer Support Representative
Our Story

GA Connector was founded to solve a very specific problem. In early 2015, our CEO, Sergii Zuev, was running PPC ads for another project. He realized that although he was getting plenty of cheap clicks, his overall ROI was low, and he had no idea which ads were actually generating revenue.

One of Sergii's customers shared an idea that helped him fix this. He realized that he could bring traffic source information from Google Analytics into the CRM, which would allow to calculate the ROI of each marketing channel!

Next, Sergii showed this solution to marketers working in some of the leading companies in their industries (from SaaS to the financial sector). They were in awe and wanted to implement this in their companies as well.

Word spread quickly, and a business was born.

GA Connector now proudly serves sales and marketing teams of all sizes around the globe, from small businesses to several Fortune 500 companies such as Fiserv (First Data).

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