Connect Mailchimp forms with Lead Source Tracking (cookie-based)

Log into your account on Mailchimp account Click on “Lists”:  Choose the list you need: Select “Signup forms”: Select “Form builder”:  You will see the form builder interface: In this interface, you will need to add the following fields to your form: All Traffic Sources Last Click Campaign Browser Last Click Channel City (from IP address) […]

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How to add the whole referral URLs to the “pages visited” field

Some customers prefer to see the full referral URLs in the “pages visited” field (not just the path). For that reason, we created a slightly updated version of GA Connector tracking code that does just that:


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Create a Zoho CRM report with Google Analytics data

Now that you’ve added GA data to your Zoho CRM, you probably want to display it in a meaningful way. You probably want to see reports that will allow you to see things like the number Deals that came from a specific traffic source.   In this article, we’ll go though the process of creating such […]

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How to push GA Connector data to Intercom

To push GA Connector data to Intercom, all you need to do is to add this line of JavaScript code to GA Connector tracking code:

You need to add it right after “var gaFields = gaconnector.getCookieValues();” like shown below:

  As a result, you’ll see GA Connector data in the right section of […]

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How to push GA Connector info to data layer in Google Tag Manager

To push GA Connector info to GTM data layer, use the following JavaScript code:

  To make sure that GA Connector is fired by the time this script is run, use the tag sequencing functionality provided by Google Tag Manager: Tag sequencing It allows to set the script from the article to fire after GA Connector.

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How to connect GA Connector with Zoho CRM add-on for Gravity Forms

First, make sure that you’ve installed GA Connector WordPress plugin and Zoho CRM extension Also, make sure you followed this tutorial first and created the necessary hidden fields in Gravity Forms. Open your WordPress admin – Forms – Settings – Zoho CRM Click on “Clear Custom Field Cache” This will download new Zoho CRM fields […]

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How to clean cookies for your website only

First, open your website in Google Chrome Right-click anywhere on the page and then click on “Inspect” Select “Application” in the menu Find your domain below the “Cookies” menu, and then right-click on it and press “Clear” That’s it! Now your website cookies have been cleaned for your browser.

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Description of parameters tracked by our Visitor Tracking Service

GA Connector tracks the following information about the users:   Traffic source parameters Source: Every referral to a website has an origin, or source. Possible sources include: “google” (the name of a search engine), “” (the name of a referring site), “spring_newsletter” (the name of one of your newsletters), and “direct” (users that typed your URL directly into […]

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