The purpose of these fields is to store the tracking information gathered by gaconnector.js inside your Leads, Opportunities and other CRM objects:

Web analytics data in CRM

Here is how you can add these fields to your CRM:

  • If you’re using Salesforce, just install our package that will automatically add these custom fields for you.
  • If you’re using Zoho CRM, just install our extension that will automatically add these custom fields for you.
  • If you’re using a different CRM, you’ll need to create these fields manually. But keep in mind that you don’t need to create each of the above fields in your CRM, only the ones you plan on using. Here is the list of fields you can create:
LabelInput IDLabelInput ID
All Traffic Sources all_traffic_sourcesLast Click Campaignlc_campaign
BrowserbrowserLast Click Channellc_channel
City (from IP address)cityLast Click Contentlc_content
Country (from IP address)countryLast Click Landing Pagelc_landing
First Click Campaignfc_campaignLast Click Mediumlc_medium
First Click Channelfc_channelLast Click Referrerlc_referrer
First Click Contentfc_contentLast Click Sourcelc_source
First Click Landing Pagefc_landingLast Click Termlc_term
First Click Medium fc_mediumLatitudelatitude
First Click Referrerfc_referrerLongitudelongitude
First Click Sourcefc_sourceNumber of Website Visitspage_visits
First Click Termfc_termOperating SystemOS
Google Analytics CIDGA_Client_IDPages Visited pages_visited_list
Google Click IdentifiergclidTime Spent on Website time_passed
IP Addressip_addressTime Zone time_zone

If you’re using Pipedrive, this article will show you how to add custom fields.