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UTM Parameters

7 Examples of Using UTM Parameters Effectively

Do you recall being asked a question in almost every online survey, “How did you hear about us?” and you wondered why everyone asked this question? Well, that’s because all marketers use UTM parameters (Urchin Tracking Module) to see how much traffic they’re getting from different sources. In the next 2 minutes, I’ll walk you…

How to track UTM parameters in your Salesforce forms

Forms are great tools for generating leads in Salesforce. Whether you use Salesforce’s native web-to-lead form or third-party form builders like Gravity Forms, Hubspot forms, or Formstack, they are all great at capturing your leads and relaying them to your sales pipeline, but they don’t give you the whole picture:  What websites referred them? Which…

Why You Should Use UTM Parameters To Measure ROI for Facebook Ads

If you are advertising on Facebook, it is important to be able to measure the impact of your ads. If you are selling anything online, then that impact is probably measured through the Revenue driven to the website from users who have interacted with your ads. But what is the best way to measure those…

How to Capture UTM Parameters in Your Contact Forms

It’s crucial to find out the source of your leads, because it allows you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. It lets you do two things: Turn off marketing channels that don’t convert. Double down on channels that have good ROI. So how can you find out where a lead came from? There are…

How to track an Email Campaign Using UTM Parameters

Email is a powerful tool to generate revenue if you properly track the revenue of all the campaigns. And doing so with the help of UTM parameters is a great way to get started. A UTM parameter, or a campaign parameter, is short bits of code to a URL. UTM codes tell you which sources…

Unbounce UTM Parameters Tracking Tutorial

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to track Unbounce UTM parameters. Once you’ve set up tracking, you’ll know the origin of each of your leads. Here is how it’s going to look in your Unbounce account: Unbounce UTM Parameters Tracking Method 1. First, open the Unbounce app and open the page on which you…


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