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How to eliminate “” as a referral in Google Analytics

If you’re using Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms, you may encounter a problem with your Google Analytics reporting. When you look at your GA reports, you may notice that some goal conversions are attributed to the referral source of “” (or similar). This is a problem, because it prevents you from seeing the source that actually drove…

Top 12 Google Analytics Pro Tips

In 2015, I was struggling to make sense of my marketing data in Google Analytics. I didn‘t know which of my marketing campaigns actually worked, and which ones were burning my hard-earned money. So I decided to learn all the nitty-gritty details of Google Analytics that I can. I studied the world‘s top Google Analytics…

How to Integrate Salesforce Data into Google Analytics 4

This detailed step-by-step guide will show you how to integrate with Google Analytics 4. What Will a Salesforce and Google Analytics 4 Integration Do For You? The goal of marketing is to drive revenue. But Google Analytics 4 is only good at measuring sales that happened right on the website (e.g. an e-commerce store). But most…

Unbounce UTM Parameters Tracking Tutorial

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to track Unbounce UTM parameters. Once you’ve set up tracking, you’ll know the origin of each of your leads. Here is how it’s going to look in your Unbounce account: Unbounce UTM Parameters Tracking Method 1. First, open the Unbounce app and open the page on which you…

Tracking UTM parameters in Salesforce Web-to-Lead Forms

This guide shows you how to track UTM parameters in Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms. Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms are great at creating leads in Salesforce for each submission. But they don’t tell you where your leads come from. What websites referred them? Which Adwords keyword brought them to your site? Which Facebook ad campaign converted them? Overview of…

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