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The Easiest Way to Implement Marketing Attribution in Salesforce

We say it all the time here at GA Connector: Not all leads are created equal! As a B2B marketer, you and your team likely drive traffic using a wide range of channels. You might be driving traffic to your lead magnet or contact form using SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, live chats, retargeting ads,…

GA Connector: An Affordable Pardot Alternative for Marketing Attribution

What is Pardot? Pardot is a marketing automation software that Salesforce developed to help businesses run and measure their marketing campaigns from one place. The software offers more than other automation tools, which mainly rely on email and social media scheduling. With Pardot, you can do the following: Integrate Pardot with your CRM to track…

What is Pipeline Marketing?

Pipeline marketing has become the benchmark approach marketers utilize to generate revenue. It is a major step forward from the traditional lead generation approach, which focuses on capturing information and hoping that the maximum number of leads convert. In a pipeline marketing campaign, leads are nurtured through timely and personalized messages driven by data to…

Closed Loop Reporting: Everything You Need to Know

Traditionally, there has been a disconnect between marketing and sales teams in business. The marketing team is concerned with generating leads while the sales team focuses on turning those leads into paying customers. Neither department usually has any insight into each other’s data, leading to a lack of cohesion. This is where closed-loop reporting comes…

What is closed loop marketing? (and how to implement it)

Definition: Closed loop marketing is a “holistic marketing funnel where marketing and sales data are connected, allowing you to determine the exact ROI of each and every marketing action”. John Wanamaker was a 19th century businessman who is considered to be the father of modern advertising. And for many businesses, his quote still rings true…

5 Simple A/B Tests That Can Increase Conversions by 25% or More

In this article, we collected 5 proven A/B tests that you can easily implement and increase your conversions: 1. How Hubspot Increased Their Email CTR by 32% This super-simple 2-minute tweak has helped Hubspot to increase their email their Click-Through-Rates by 32% Getting people into your email newsletter takes a lot of energy and money….


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