In this article, we collected 5 proven A/B tests that you can easily implement and increase your conversions:

1. How Hubspot Increased Their Email CTR by 32%

This super-simple 2-minute tweak has helped Hubspot to increase their email their Click-Through-Rates by 32%

Getting people into your email newsletter takes a lot of energy and money.
You created opt-in pages, wrote blog posts, drove paid traffic and did lots of other things.
All that just to get these users into your email list.

And now that you got them, your email marketing software tells you that only a relatively small percentage of users actually open your emails.
Let alone click them.
I don‘t know about you, but I hate all that list building work go to waste.

That‘s why every little hack and trick to improve email open rates and click-through-rates matters.
Because it allows you to actually monetize all that hard work and marketing budget.

One of such hacks was described by Hubspot, and it‘s super easy to implement:
Make your emails come from a real person (e.g. “Maggie Georgieva, Hubspot”), not just a company (e.g. “Hubspot”).

After implementing this change, Hubspot saw the following improvements:

  • Their open rate increased by 8%,
  • Their Click-Through-Rate increased by 32%.All that by changing the sender name! (~2 minutes of work).


2. Increase Your Cold Emails Reply Rate by 56%

This mind-blowing trick helped karmaCRM increase their cold emails reply rate by 56% (without changing the copy)

Cold emails can be a great tool if used properly.
Unfortunately though, cold emails have an obvious problem:
Your prospects don’t know you and don’t trust you yet.

They haven’t seen you anywhere before – why should they trust you, right?
Imagine it for yourself.
If some company you saw at some conference a year ago reaches out to you, they have a higher chances of getting a reply than some random company you don’t know, right?
Or if you saw their ad somewhere before…

If only there was a way to make it so that your cold email prospect see your ad somewhere, before you reach out to them…

We live in 2017, and it is possible!
You can do it by pre-targeting your cold email prospects using Facebook Ads or Adwords.
These services allow you to import the list of emails, and create ads that only target these people.
It’s extremely cheap and highly effective.

karmaCRM implemented this in their business, and their reply rate changed from 13.5% to 21%!


3. These Two Words Increased Conversions by 28%

How increased conversions by 28% with these two simple words stating the obvious

Before I reveal today’s insight…, can you please reply to this email and answer this short question: What’s the #1 biggest marketing challenge you’re struggling with right now? Your answer will help me deliver more relevant content.

Call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most important parts of the landing page (if not the most).
So it’s important to get the CTA right. ran an experiment to test the call-to-action on their website.
All they did was they added two simple words.

Can you guess what these words were?


“It’s free!”
It may be obvious to you that the signup/call/consultation/trial/etc you’re offering is free.
It may not be obvious to your users.

That’s why adding these two simple works:
“It’s free” makes it crystal clear for your users that they don’t need to open their wallet (at least not yet).


4. Increase Conversions by 25-40% (experiment)

This weird forms design helped Huffduffer consistently increase their conversions by 25-40%

Have you ever seen forms like this one on websites?


In such forms, you need to fill in the blanks instead of filling out a list of fields aligned in one column.

I don’t know about you, but they used to look weird to me. 🙂
Little did I know that these forms actually consistently produce impressive results.

Perhaps because they look unusual.
Or maybe because filling out such forms feels more personal – kind of like you’re writing a letter to a company.

Huffduffer, a popular audio sharing website, added these forms and increased conversion across the board by 25-40%.


5. Do This Before Asking for Sale to Double ROI

By doing this, Russell Brunson doubled his ROI

After Russell Brunson did what I’m about to share, he went from making about $30k a year online to seven figures in less than eighteen months.

Russell’s tweak was inspired by a study from Dan Arielly’s book Predictably Irrational.
The experiment shows that:
If a cookie from one brand is offered for $.26, and another for $.01, then 40% of people will choose the $.01 cookie.
But if people have to choose between $.25 and free cookies, a whopping 90% will opt for the cheaper cookies (even though the price difference is the same – $.25)

This research shows the power of FREE!, which Russell Brunson used in his One-Hundred-Visitor Test.
Here is how it worked: Russell created two sales funnels and sent the same traffic to it:

  • Funnel #1 was just one page that was offering a $197 product;
  • Funnel #2 offered a free product (they only had to pay shipping), and only showed the $197 offer to those who opted for the free product.

Funnel #2 generated almost double the revenue as funnel #1.

Bonus (how to optimize for sales, not form submissions)

In some cases, traditional A/B testing doesn’t make sense…

Do you market online, but the actual sales are closed “offline” by sales reps?

In this case, if you’re only optimizing your landing page for conversions like form submissions, you might end up choosing the page that attracts many low-quality leads. Instead of attracting a handful of affluent customers who will spend a fortune.

To solve this, you can import sales data from your CRM (such as Salesforce) to Google Analytics – manually, or using the tool we created GA Connector.

GA Connector Custom Report