One Foot Abroad is a tour booking company that helps arrange trekking experiences in some of the most beautiful places in Europe. It is a group that includes Follow the Camino, the original Camino de Santiago tour operator. Follow the Camino specializes in organizing walking and cycling holidays along the Camino de Santiago.

For 6 years already, they’ve been using GA Connector to track the source of their leads.


Recently, some of the team members posed a question: are Google Ads and Meta campaigns worth all that money being spent on them?

After all, the company was already ranking highly in organic search. Some of the raised questions:

  • Does it make sense to allocate all that budget to paid ads as well?
  • Also, when a lead comes up without having any additional information, should it be equally valued as per the filled ones?
  • What if you combine these with the source being paid advertising?

Thanks to GA Connector reporting, they found out the answers to these. Surprisingly, yes it does.

Read on to find out why, and how GA Connector might also help you avoid turning off marketing channels that drive sales.


Setting up closed-loop reporting by adding GA data to Zoho CRM

One Foot Abroad is using the following sales and marketing stack:

  • Zoho CRM to keep track of their lead and client records.
  • A website with some lead forms, plus a Zoho SalesIQ chatbot to capture leads and Zoho Campaigns for Email Marketing.
  • Google Ads and Meta campaigns with different running objectives.
  • Channel partner commission structure.
  • Google Analytics 4 to track their website performance.

But the problem with these tools is that by default, they don’t give you visibility on the full customer journey.

In Zoho CRM reports (as with most other CRMs too), you can see the number of leads and potentials/deals. However, without the information about their marketing source.


But how can you measure marketing performance if all you know is the number of leads?

That’s where GA Connector comes in.

GA Connector adds traffic source data (and more) to your CRM:


Comparing organic vs paid traffic performance

Many marketers have been here:

You’re ranking high for your top keywords.

But you’re also paying a lot for marketing platforms, such as Google Ads and Meta campaigns.

You kinda want to turn these ads off, since you basically get the same traffic via organic…

But at the same time, you’re not completely sure about this.


That was the case with One Foot Abroad.

Part of the team was convinced that Google Ads and Meta campaigns were a waste of money.

Plus, these types of leads summing up the non-filled information were harder to close for some reason, and often further away from the buying decision.


However, the company’s marketing team went ahead, gathered the information and compared the actual performance of paid ads vs organic traffic:

As it turned out, Google Ads leads were an important source of revenue for the company.

Moreover, they were bringing a lot more B2B leads for their group tours that spent a lot more money with the company, making it a relevant slice of the turnover.

As a result, One Foot Abroad kept the traffic source that was driving 44.5% of their revenue.


How the sales team used GA data to optimize lead scoring

Leads aren’t created equal. There are some people that would never buy no matter what you do. And some that could buy your most expensive product, and in bulk.

That’s where lead scoring comes in. Lead scoring allows your sales team to prioritize, and focus on the 20% of leads that would be responsible for 80% of your revenue.

One Foot Abroad used the data from GA Connector to give lead scoring additional data to prioritize based on:

  • Which pages they visited.
  • How many pages they visited.
  • Which traffic source they came from (e.g. Google Ads and organic leads turned out to be way more valuable than Facebook leads)

As a result, the company’s sales team was spending less time to close more deals, increasing productivity and time to focus on side projects.


Would you like GA Connector to help your business achieve similar results?

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