If you're integrating with Salesforce or Zoho CRM, this article may not apply because you're most likely using GA Connector API-based integration.

Add Google Analytics data to Pardot with GA Connector’s Pardot integration.

  1. Install our Salesforce package.
  2. Go to Pardot – Forms.
  3. Select a form you want to add to GA Connector.
  4. Click “Edit form”.
  5. Click “Fields” add all fields from our Salesforce package.
  6. Open “Look and Feel” and select “Below Form”.
  7. Click the “Code” symbol (Code symbol)in the editor. This will allow to paste raw HTML code there.
  8. Paste this code in the editor:

This code allows Pardot iframes to receive GA Connector data from the parent window.

Finally, paste this code on your website (on every page):

Finally, add class=”pardotform” to all your Pardot iframes so they look like this:
<iframe class=”pardotform” style=”border: 0;” src=”http://go.pardot.com/…..” width=”350″ height=”510″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

More than just UTM parameters

GA Connector adds UTM information, geolocation, referral information to your Pardot leads.