If you're integrating with Salesforce or Zoho CRM, this article may not apply because you're most likely using GA Connector API-based integration.

Add Google Analytics data to Typeform with GA Connector’s Typeform integration.


  • Installed either the GA Connector WordPress plugin or GA Connector script on your website:

Add Hidden Fields to your Typeform

  1. Open your typeform from your workspace and click Logic on the right panel. Select Personalize with data then click on Hidden Fields.

    This will open a pop-up where you can type and add Hidden Fields
  2. You’ll need to add the ID of the GA Connector field that you want to track and press enter. (E.g. If you want to track Last Click Source, you need to input lc_source). For the full list of GA Connector fields that you can track and their respective IDs, refer to the table below.

    GA Connector adds UTM information, geolocation, referral information to your Typeform leads.

    See below for all the information that you can add to your leads to help you find out which of your marketing activities drive sales.

    LabelInput IDLabelInput ID
    All Traffic Sources all_traffic_sourcesLast Click Campaignlc_campaign
    BrowserbrowserLast Click Channellc_channel
    City (from IP address)cityLast Click Contentlc_content
    Country (from IP address)countryLast Click Landing Pagelc_landing
    First Click Campaignfc_campaignLast Click Mediumlc_medium
    First Click Channelfc_channelLast Click Referrerlc_referrer
    First Click Contentfc_contentLast Click Sourcelc_source
    First Click Landing Pagefc_landingLast Click Termlc_term
    First Click Medium fc_mediumLatitudelatitude
    First Click Referrerfc_referrerLongitudelongitude
    First Click Sourcefc_sourceNumber of Website Visitspage_visits
    First Click Termfc_termOperating SystemOS
    Google Analytics CIDGA_Client_IDPages Visited pages_visited_list
    Google Click IdentifiergclidTime Spent on Website time_passed
    IP Addressip_addressTime Zone time_zone

    Note: You can add all of these fields or choose only what you need.

    For more information regarding adding hidden fields on Typeform, please see this article.

Embedding your Typeform to your website

  1. Get your latest embed code from Typeform and paste it on your website but omit the <script>… part of the code. Make sure that your code ends on the closing </div>
  2. Right after your embed code (without the <script> part), add the code below

If you have multiple Typeforms on one page, you can just place this code right after your last form. No need to repeat.