Add Google Analytics data to Zoho Forms with GA Connector’s Zoho Forms integration.

Install the custom scripts on your website

  1. Add the following GA Connector script on all pages of your website. The script must be placed before your Zoho embed code so adding it to your website’s <head> would work.

    If you are already using the cookie-based version of GA Connector, you can skip adding this script.

  2. Add the following script after your Zoho Form embed code.

    Note: If you have custom domains set up in Zoho Forms, you’ll need to change the URL on line 15 to your own custom domain.

    Find line 15:
    var zohoIframe = document.querySelectorAll(‘iframe[src*=””]’);

    Change this to:
    var zohoIframe = document.querySelectorAll(‘iframe[src*=”]’);

Setting up the GA Connector fields on Zoho Forms

On your Zoho Forms builder, add a hidden field for each GA Connector field that you want to track. For a full list of available GA Connector fields, refer to the table below this article.

  1. While on the Zoho form builder, drag a Single Line field to your form to add a field
  2. Click on the new field that you’ve created and select Properties, and under the Visibility section, select Hide Field
  3. After creating the hidden fields for each GA Connector field that you want to track, go to Settings > Field Alias
  4. On the Field Alias page, select the hidden fields that you have just created and add its equivalent GA Connector Input ID as the alias. (Example: All Traffic Sources: all_traffic_sources)

More than just UTM parameters

GA Connector adds UTM information, geolocation, referral information to your Zoho Forms leads.

See below for all the information that you can add to your leads to help you find out which of your marketing activities drive sales.

LabelInput IDLabelInput ID
All Traffic Sources all_traffic_sourcesLast Click Campaignlc_campaign
BrowserbrowserLast Click Channellc_channel
City (from IP address)cityLast Click Contentlc_content
Country (from IP address)countryLast Click Landing Pagelc_landing
First Click Campaignfc_campaignLast Click Mediumlc_medium
First Click Channelfc_channelLast Click Referrerlc_referrer
First Click Contentfc_contentLast Click Sourcelc_source
First Click Landing Pagefc_landingLast Click Termlc_term
First Click Medium fc_mediumLatitudelatitude
First Click Referrerfc_referrerLongitudelongitude
First Click Sourcefc_sourceNumber of Website Visitspage_visits
First Click Termfc_termOperating SystemOS
Google Analytics CIDGA_Client_IDPages Visited pages_visited_list
Google Click IdentifiergclidTime Spent on Website time_passed
IP Addressip_addressTime Zone time_zone