Add Google Analytics data to LiveChat with GA Connector’s LiveChat integration.

To integrate LiveChat with GA Connector, you’ll need to add a custom script to your website depending on which GA Connector version you have. If you’re using Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive CRM, Salesflare, or Close CRM you’re likely using our API-based integration. For all other CRMs’ please use the Cookie-based integration script.

Cookie-based Integration

API-based Integration

Note: Make sure to put it somewhere below GA Connector and Livechat script code.

As a result of adding the script, your Livechat visitors (in the back-end) will contain GA Connector data.

To send Livechat leads to your CRM, you can use a tool like Zapier. Just make sure to map GA Connector fields in Livechat to CRM fields (you may need to wait until Zapier downloads these new fields).


Q: I use Google Tag Manager instead of inserting script to the website directly. So both GA Connector and Livechat script have different tags. Where should I put this code?

Answer: Please use the tag sequencing functionality provided by Google Tag Manager:

Tag sequencing
Tag sequencing

It allows setting the script from the article to fire after GA Connector.

Just configure it so that:

  • Livechat tag fires after GA Connector.
  • This script fires after Livechat.

More than just UTM parameters

GA Connector adds UTM information, geolocation, referral information to your LiveChat leads.