If you're integrating with Salesforce or Zoho CRM, this article may not apply because you're most likely using GA Connector API-based integration.

Add Google Analytics data to Freshworks Classic Forms with GA Connector’s Freshworks integration.


  • Installed either GA Connector WordPress plugin or GA Connector script on your website
  • Already created the custom fields on your Contacts module

Setting up the GA Connector Fields on Classic Forms

Step 1

While on the form editor,  add the custom field that you’ve created on  Contacts (e.g. All Traffic Sources, Last Click Source). It is important that you uncheck the hidden option, the field will be automatically hidden by the code that we will provide you.

Step 2

On the placeholder value field, enter the equivalent GA Connector ID of the field (e.g. All Traffic Sources -> gaconnector_all_traffic_sources). For the full list of available GA Connector fields and their equivalent ID’s please see the table at the end of this page.

Step 3

Before your each of Freshworks form embed code, please add the following code:

Your fields should now contain tracking information when submitted.

More than just UTM parameters

GA Connector adds UTM information, geolocation, referral information to your Freshworks leads.

See below for all the information that you can add to your leads to help you find out which of your marketing activities drive sales.

LabelInput IDLabelInput ID
All Traffic Sources gaconnector_all_traffic_sourcesLast Click Campaigngaconnector_lc_campaign
Browsergaconnector_browserLast Click Channelgaconnector_lc_channel
City (from IP address)gaconnector_cityLast Click Contentgaconnector_lc_content
Country (from IP address)gaconnector_countryLast Click Landing Pagegaconnector_lc_landing
First Click Campaigngaconnector_fc_campaignLast Click Mediumgaconnector_lc_medium
First Click Channelgaconnector_fc_channelLast Click Referrergaconnector_lc_referrer
First Click Contentgaconnector_fc_contentLast Click Sourcegaconnector_lc_source
First Click Landing Pagegaconnector_fc_landingLast Click Termgaconnector_lc_term
First Click Medium gaconnector_fc_mediumLatitudegaconnector_latitude
First Click Referrergaconnector_fc_referrerLongitudegaconnector_longitude
First Click Sourcegaconnector_fc_sourceNumber of Website Visitsgaconnector_page_visits
First Click Termgaconnector_fc_termOperating Systemgaconnector_OS
Google Analytics CIDgaconnector_GA_Client_IDPages Visited gaconnector_pages_visited_list
Google Click Identifiergaconnector_gclidTime Spent on Website gaconnector_time_passed
IP Addressgaconnector_ip_addressTime Zone gaconnector_time_zone