Haven’t had a chance to install GA Connector yet? We’ll do it for you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Reach out to [email protected] and request done-for-you integration.
  2. Our team will look at your account and website, and might ask a few questions about your setup.
  3. After we’ve double-checked that the integration is possible, we’ll ask you to pre-pay for the year of  GA Connector subscription.
  4. Then our support team will do the setup for you, either by you giving us access to your website, or via TeamViewer.
  5. You’ll then immediately be able to see the source of your leads and sales. So you can double down on the highest-converting traffic sources.


Is it free?
The setup is free, but we would need you to commit to pre-paying for a yearly subscription of GA Connector. However, if based on your usage, you need one of our higher pricing tiers, we will only ask you to pre-pay for a part of the year. If something doesn’t work, we give the money back.
* In rare cases, we do charge a setup fee, in case your website is using complicated (usually iframe-based) forms that take significantly more time to integrate.

How long does it take to implement?
Once we have all the required information, it usually takes up to a week.

What access information will you need?
We will require CRM access to install our extension and website access to add our tracking code to your lead forms. Access to Google Analytics is not required.