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10 Most Powerful Google Ads Integrations

Google Ads is used by marketers worldwide to expose qualified leads to the products they sell using paid search campaigns. The platform provides marketers with powerful insights such as cost per click, ad quality scores and conversion rates to help advertisers make the most of their budget. Marketing as a whole has evolved since the…

Google Analytics Offline conversions Tracking

Offline data i.e. interactions that happen away from the website present invaluable information to marketers. Without this data, marketers are oblivious to which of their initiatives led to an offline sale. Was it a Google Ad, an email or perhaps a blog post? Google Analytics offline conversion tracking solves this problem. It marries both online and…

10 Most Powerful Google Analytics Integrations

Google Analytics provides powerful insights that help marketers track the effectiveness of their online marketing initiatives. In turn, marketers can improve the performance of each marketing channel. As online marketing has evolved, a number of Google Analytics integrations have been developed to enhance data quality. The result? Marketers are able to track the Google Analytics…

How to Add UTM Parameters to Google Ads (automatically)

Right now, auto-tagging is the default way to track Google Ads campaigns. However, it’s still practical to add manual UTM tags in order to capture them in your lead/contact forms for example. However, you don’t need to add UTMs to your final URLs in Google Ads. You can do this automatically using URL suffixes (previously we used tracking templates…

How to Capture UTM Parameters in Your Contact Forms

It’s crucial to find out the source of your leads, because it allows you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. It lets you do two things: Turn off marketing channels that don’t convert. Double down on channels that have good ROI. So how can you find out where a lead came from? There are…

Closed Loop Reporting: Everything You Need to Know

Traditionally, there has been a disconnect between marketing and sales teams in business. The marketing team is concerned with generating leads while the sales team focuses on turning those leads into paying customers. Neither department usually has any insight into each other’s data, leading to a lack of cohesion. This is where closed-loop reporting comes…

How to Import Conversions from Salesforce into Google Adwords

Google AdWords and Salesforce integration is imperative for digital marketers with significant ad spend. When you link two, all your conversion data will be located in one place. As a digital marketer or PPC agency, you will be able to: Determine if the AdWords marketing channel generates a positive ROI for you. Track which of…


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