If you already installed GA Connector Package in SalesForce you might want to see these fields across all your objects once the lead has been converted.

Doing these steps will make sure that when you convert a lead, the same values for the GA Connector Fields will be carried along to Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities.

How to Map GA Connector Fields in SalesForce

1. Click on Setup. Look for Leads and under Leads Select Fields

2.  In the Lead Fields page, look for the Lead Custom Fields & Relationship section and click on Map Lead Fields.

3. You will then be lead to a page where you can configure the mapping:

4. Under the Account Field column, you will need to select the matching field name as what is reflected on the left column.

5. After doing so, the values of all GA Connector Fields will now be carried over to Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities once a lead is converted.

GA Connector Field Names

All Traffic SourcesLast Click Campaign
BrowserLast Click Channel
City (from IP address)Last Click Content
Country (from IP address)Last Click Landing Page
First Click CampaignLast Click Medium
First Click ChannelLast Click Referrer
First Click ContentLast Click Source
First Click ContentLast Click Term
First Click Medium Latitude
First Click ReferrerLongitude
First Click SourceNumber of Website Visits
First Click TermOperating System
GA Client IDPages Visited
Google Click IdentifierTime Spent on Website
IP AddressTime Zone


6. However, in order for you to see these fields within the Account, Contact and Opportunity objects, you would need to edit the Page Layout.

For instructions on how to do this, please refer to this article. The only difference is you need to edit Page Layout under Accounts, Contacts and Opportunity instead of Leads.

Once this is set up, your Accounts/Opportunities/Contacts should look like this once converted.