If you're integrating with Salesforce or Zoho CRM, this article may not apply because you're most likely using GA Connector API-based integration.

The Problem

Before deploying GA Connector script to your site, you may want to check how it works on a local machine or on a staging server first.

But you may get this error message in console if you try to do this:

Domain denied
Domain denied

The Solution

If want to test it on a staging server, just let us know the domain/subdomain you use for this server, and we’ll add it to the system (so you can test).

If you want to test it on your local machine, just add something like this to the hosts file: localhost.com

Put it:

  • in /etc/hosts if you on *NIX,
  • or c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts if you’re on Windows.

This will allow you to open your website locally by going to localhost.com (and this domain is added to our database, so it won’t throw the “Domain not added” error).