VAT and sales tax are not included in the price. The additional amount will depend on the country or state provided upon purchase.

However, for the majority of the countries, the VAT / sales tax will be removed during checkout after you provide your tax ID.

For more details find your country in the table below:

Country/State Tax Rate, % Indirect Tax B2B Customers exempt?
Armenia 20% VAT Yes
Australia 10% GST Yes
Bahamas 10% VAT No
Bahrain 10% VAT Yes
Cameroon 19.25% VAT No
Chile 19% VAT Yes
Colombia 19% VAT Yes
Georgia 18% VAT Yes
Ghana 15% VAT Yes
Iceland 24% VAT No
India 18% GST Yes
Indonesia 11% VAT No
Japan 10% Consumption Tax No
Kazakhstan 12% VAT No
Kenya 16% VAT No
Liechtenstein 8.10% VAT No
Malaysia 6% SST No
Mexico 16% VAT No
Moldova 20% GST Yes
New Zealand 15% GST Yes
Nigeria 7.50% VAT No
Norway 25% VAT Yes
Oman 5% VAT No
Saudi Arabia 15% VAT Yes
Singapore 9% GST Yes
South Africa 15% VAT No
South Korea 10% VAT Yes
Switzerland 8.10% VAT No
Taiwan 5% VAT Yes
Tanzania 18% VAT Yes
Thailand 7% VAT Yes
Turkey 20% VAT Yes
United Arab Emirates 5% VAT Yes
Uganda 18% VAT Yes
Ukraine 20% VAT Yes
United Kingdom 20% VAT/ VAT OSS No
Uzbekistan 12% VAT Yes
Vietnam 11.11% / 17.65% FCT No
Alberta 5% Federal GST Yes
British Columbia 7% + 5% PST + Federal GST No
Manitoba 7% + 5% RST + Federal GST Yes
New Brunswick 15% Federal HST Yes
Newfoundland and Labrador 15% Federal HST Yes
Northwest Territories 5% Federal GST Yes
Nova Scotia 15% Federal HST Yes
Nunavut 5% Federal GST Yes
Ontario 13% Federal HST Yes
Prince Edward Island 15% Federal HST Yes
Quebec 9.975% + 5% QST + Federal GST Yes
Saskatchewan 6% + 5% PST + Federal GST Yes
Yukon 5% Federal GST Yes
EU Countries _ _ _
Austria 20% VAT OSS Yes
Belgium 21% VAT OSS Yes
Bulgaria 20% VAT OSS Yes
Croatia 25% VAT OSS Yes
Cyprus 19% VAT OSS Yes
Czech Republic 21% VAT OSS Yes
Denmark 25% VAT OSS Yes
Estonia 22% VAT OSS Yes
Finland 24% VAT OSS Yes
France 20% VAT OSS Yes
Germany 19% VAT OSS Yes
Greece 24% VAT OSS Yes
Hungary 27% VAT OSS Yes
Ireland 23% VAT Yes
Italy 22% VAT OSS Yes
Latvia 21% VAT OSS Yes
Lithuania 21% VAT OSS Yes
Luxembourg 17% VAT OSS Yes
Malta 18% VAT OSS Yes
Netherlands 21% VAT OSS Yes
Poland 23% VAT OSS Yes
Portugal 23% VAT OSS Yes
Romania 19% VAT OSS Yes
Slovak Republic 20% VAT OSS Yes
Slovenia 22% VAT OSS Yes
Spain 21% VAT OSS Yes
Sweden 25% VAT OSS Yes
United States* _ _ _
Alabama 4% Sales Tax No
Arizona 5.60% Sales Tax No
Arkansas 6.50% Sales Tax Yes
Colorado 2.90% Sales Tax No
Connecticut 6.35% Sales Tax No
Denver 4.81% Sales Tax No
District of Columbia 6% Sales Tax No
Hawaii 4% Sales Tax No
Idaho 6% Sales Tax No
Illinois 6.25% Sales Tax Yes
Indiana 7% Sales Tax No
Iowa 6% Sales Tax No
Kansas 6.50% Sales Tax No
Kentucky 6% Sales Tax No
Louisiana 4.45% Sales Tax No
Maine 5.50% Sales Tax No
Maryland 6% Sales Tax No
Massachusetts 6.25% Sales Tax No
Michigan 6% Sales Tax Yes
Minnesota 6.88% Sales Tax No
Mississippi 7% Sales Tax No
Nebraska 5.50% Sales Tax No
New Jersey 6.63% Sales Tax No
New Mexico 5.13% Sales Tax No
New York 4% Sales Tax No
North Carolina 4.75% Sales Tax No
North Dakota 5% Sales Tax Yes
Ohio 5.75% Sales Tax No
Pennsylvania 6% Sales Tax No
Rhode Island 7% Sales Tax No
South Carolina 6% Sales Tax No
South Dakota 4.50% Sales Tax No
Tennessee 7% Sales Tax No
Texas 8% Sales Tax No
Utah 4.85% Sales Tax No
Vermont 6% Sales Tax Yes
Washington 6.50% Sales Tax No
West Virginia 6% Sales Tax No
Wisconsin 5% Sales Tax No
Wyoming 4% Sales Tax No

GA Connector price doesn’t depend on the number of users, it’s the same for the whole organization.

We only offer discounts when GA Connector licenses are purchased in bulk (5 or more). In other cases, we don’t offer any discounts (including non-profits).

It all comes down to the return on your investment. There are two ways GA Connector can generate substantial ROI for you:

  1. It saves you money helping you see which marketing efforts are not profitable
  2. It makes you money by showing you which campaigns generate the highest revenue, so you can double down on your best-performing channels

When GA Connector helps you add $1000-$3000 to your profits, you’d have already paid for an entire year using the tool (depending on the plan). For many of our customers, this only takes a few extra sales which can be easily achieved by doubling down on your most profitable campaigns.

GA Connector offers several pricing plans, depending on how much traffic your website gets. You can check out our plans here.

All plans one CRM account and multiple domains (with unlimited subdomains). If you want to integrate multiple CRM accounts, you need to purchase multiple subscriptions.

If you’re using Salesforce or Zoho CRM, for an extra charge we offer an add-on: importing CRM data back into Google Analytics (base plan only supports GA to CRM data flow).

Making a purchase

You can purchase GA Connector here.

We accept two types of payments:

  • All major credit and debit cards (including Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, and Mada)
  • PayPal

Unfortunately, we do not support wire transfers.


You can cancel GA Connector subscription in our dashboard.

If you’re having issues with cancellation, please contact support.

If you purchased GA Connector a while back using our previous payment processing solution 2Checkout, use this instruction.


Yes, we have a 30-day refund policy. If the purchase was made by mistake, or there is an issue with the integration, we provide a full refund.

Legacy billing (2checkout)

The steps are as follows:

1. Log into your 2checkout account here:
2. Access the “My products” tab at the top of the account

3. Click the appropriate link for the subscription you need to be updated:

4. A pop-up will be shown where the new card information can be typed in.

GA Connector previously used a payment processing solution called 2Checkout to bill you. If you purchased GA Connector via 2Checkout, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the order number or the email address you have used to pay and click Submit.
  3. Here is how you can find 2CO Order Number and the email you used during the payment:
    Search for an email from [email protected] with a subject “Sergey Zuev Sales Receipt …”. It should look like this:
    2Checkout receipt
    If you can’t find this information, please let us know.
  4. You will receive an email from 2checkout to setup your account.
  5. This 2checkout UI will appear, click on My Products
  6. Click Stop automatic subscription renewal link.
  7. The image below will show up. Click Stop auto-renewal
  8. Click Save.