This table shows the ID that each GA Connector field should have:

LabelInput IDLabelInput ID
All Traffic Sources all_traffic_sourcesLast Click Channellc_channel
BrowserbrowserLast Click Contentlc_content
City (from IP address)cityLast Click Landing Pagelc_landing
Country (from IP address)countryLast Click Mediumlc_medium
First Click Campaignfc_campaignLast Click Referrerlc_referrer
First Click Channelfc_channelLast Click Sourcelc_source
First Click Contentfc_contentLast Click Termlc_term
First Click Landing Pagefc_landingLatitudelatitude
First Click Medium fc_mediumLongitudelongitude
First Click Referrerfc_referrerNumber of Website Visitspage_visits
First Click Sourcefc_sourceOperating SystemOS
First Click Termfc_termPages Visited pages_visited_list
Google Analytics CIDGA_Client_IDTime Spent on Website time_passed
IP Addressip_addressTime Zone time_zone
Last Click Campaignlc_campaignDevicedevice

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