If you have installed the GA Connector Fields to your Zoho CRM, your Lead Report most probably looks like this:

GA connector fields in Zoho CRM


It would be better if the report would look arranged and organized so that you can easily find the data that you need.

GA Connector fields in Zoho CRM


Customize Zoho Lead Report Layout

  1. Click on Setup Customization Modules and Fields. Click on the more options button for Leads and then select LayoutCustomize Zoho Lead Report Layout
  2. You will then be shown a page where you can edit the current Standard Layout where you will see options to add new fields and/or new sections.Standard Layout Zoho CRM
  3. To add a new field or section to the report, you just need to drag and drop your chosen field or section to the right. To achieve the sample report above, drag a New Section to the right. New section in Layout Zoho CRM
  4. Name the New Section as First Click Data (GA Connector) or any name that you prefer. New section in Layout Zoho CRM
  5. Then drag the First Click GA Connector Fields from the Lead Information Section down to the newly created section you just created. New section in Layout Zoho CRM
  6. Do the same for other sections you may like to create and then click Save Layout.

Once completed, you will not see the newly arranged and organized report for your Leads.

GA Connector fields in Zoho CRM