In some cases, Google Analytics goal completions and Salesforce leads may not match exactly.

Here are some of the possible reasons this situation may occur:

  • Deleted and/or converted leads. Some Salesforce leads may get deleted on converted, and therefore not appear in reports. While Google Analytics never deletes goal completion data.
  • Time zone settings. Due to the timezone differences, the same Leads can be counted for different dates in Salesforce and in GA.
  • Outside lead sources. Some Salesforce leads may be created manually or from outside source not tracked by Google Analytics, which may cause the discrepancy.
  • Goals firing twice. Sometimes,  several goal completions may account for the same Salesforce lead. It can happen if the user visits the thank you page several times, which may count as several goal completions.
  • Sampling. Google Analytics uses sampling, which means that its data will never be 100% accurate. Which Salesforce will give you the accurate number of leads.
  • Google Analytics goals behavior. Goal conversions are only counted once per goal per session, at the first time the action that the goal is tracking happens. That’s why when a CRM event occurs soon after an identical event, only the first event will cause a goal completion. There is no way to change that; goal conversions are determined by Google Analytics internally from the data it receives.