GA Connector vs native Zoho CRM & Google Ads integration

Native Adwords integration Zoho’s Adwords integration lets you important crucial Adwords data into Zoho CRM, such as: Keyword Cost per click Ad group Etc However, this native integration only tracks Google Ads, and none of the other important channels. So it won’t let you compare Google Ads vs Google Organic for example. GA Connector On the […]

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GA Connector vs native Salesforce&GA integration

Google Analytics and Salesforce have released a native integration, but it has two major downsides: It only supports Google Analytics 360 (which costs $150k/year). It only supports a small set of data points from Salesforce (Lead Statuses, Opportunity Stages etc) se puede encontrar en esta página. If you need to send something beyond that to GA, GA Connector […]

Read More vs Pardot Google Analytics Connector

Pardot offers a Google Analytics Connector out of the box. It captures Google Analytics keyword tags in URLs such as utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, etc. onto a Prospect record. However, Pardot built-in Google Analytics Connector doesn’t do these three important things that does: 1. Pardot connector only captures source/medium/etc when you’ve added the corresponding URL […]

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What’s the difference between GA Connector and Bizible?

Here are some of the major differences between Bizible and GA Connector: Bizible is a lot more expensive than GA Connector – starts at $1’500/month. While GA Connector is a lot more affordable (pricing starts at $97/month). GA Connector is a much smaller & simpler tool than Bizible. GA Connector gives you a simple solution […]

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