GA Connector vs native Salesforce&GA integration

Google Analytics and Salesforce have released a native integration, but it has two major downsides: It only supports Google Analytics 360 (which costs $150k/year). It only supports a small set of data points from Salesforce (Lead Statuses, Opportunity Stages etc). If you need to send something beyond that to GA, GA Connector can help – because it supports […]

Read More vs Pardot Google Analytics Connector

Pardot offers a Google Analytics Connector out of the box. It captures Google Analytics keyword tags in URLs such as utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, etc. onto a Prospect record. However, Pardot built-in Google Analytics Connector doesn’t do these three important things that does: 1. Pardot connector only captures source/medium/etc when you’ve added the corresponding URL […]

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What’s the difference between GA Connector and Bizible?

Bizible is a great app, but: It doesn’t send your revenue data from Salesforce to GA. It has its own multi-channel attribution engine that substitutes GA though. But if you already like and use GA a lot, and don’t want to invest in training people to use Bizible instead of GA, GA Connector comes in […]

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