Even if your sales cycle is very long (e.g. 12+ months), GA Connector can still save and attribute CRM data about the sale correctly.


Many customers ask us what happens if the conversion happened 90+ days after the last visit because 90 days is an important milestone for Google Analytics and Adwords.

And there are a couple caveats in such cases:

  1. If your Google Analytics is connected to your Adwords account, and you export your Analytics conversions to Analytics, Adwords won’t be able to attribute this conversion.
  2. Last click source/medium of such offline conversion would be (direct)/(none), no matter where the user came from (that’s just how Google Analytics last non-direct click algorithm works). First click source/medium would be correct though, so you’ll still know that source that originally brought user to your website. Plus, all intermediary traffic source will be available in the multi-channel GA reports.


You can use GA Connector Visitor Source Tracking module to save first, last and all intermediary source inside the CRM, so you don’t need to rely on Google Analytics for attribution.

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