This guide assumes that you’ve already installed the latest version of our WordPress Plugin (at least version 2.3).

Setting up Ninja Forms

1. Edit the form you want to use with GA Connector.

2. Add a hidden field for each GA Connector Field you want to track (e.g. Last Click Channel, Last Click Source, Last Click Medium and Google Analytics CID)

Ninja Forms in WordPress

3. Edit the fields to match the GA Connector Fields that you opt to track. In the Label setting, put the name of the GA Connector Field and in the Default Value put the value that the GA Connector plugin will recognize. (Ex. Label: All Traffic Sources, Default Value: all_traffic_sources)

Please use the Labels and Default Values from the list below:

LabelInput IDLabelInput ID
All Traffic Sources all_traffic_sourcesLast Click Campaignlc_campaign
BrowserbrowserLast Click Channellc_channel
City (from IP address)cityLast Click Contentlc_content
Country (from IP address)countryLast Click Landing Pagelc_landing
First Click Campaignfc_campaignLast Click Mediumlc_medium
First Click Channelfc_channelLast Click Referrerlc_referrer
First Click Contentfc_contentLast Click Sourcelc_source
First Click Landing Pagefc_landingLast Click Termlc_term
First Click Medium fc_mediumLatitudelatitude
First Click Referrerfc_referrerLongitudelongitude
First Click Sourcefc_sourceNumber of Website Visitspage_visits
First Click Termfc_termOperating SystemOS
Google Analytics CIDGA_Client_IDPages Visited pages_visited_list
Google Click IdentifiergclidTime Spent on Website time_passed
IP Addressip_addressTime Zone time_zone

4. Click Publish once you are done creating the fields you need and Ninja Forms should start tracking the data for GA Connector.

Test your GA Connector fields

1. To test your GA Connector Fields you will need to do a test submission of the form. For a better test result, you can either search for your site on Google Search or by adding custom UTM parameters at the end of your URL before sending the form.

2. After submitting the form, you should be able to see the correct values for the GA Connector Fields we have added to your form in the Submissions Report of Ninja Forms.

Submissions Report of Ninja Forms