In order for GA Connector to send events to your GA4 property. You’ll need to add the property through the GA Connector integration settings on your account dashboard.

  1.  Login to your account and go to the CRM-to-GA4 Integration page in your dashboard
  2. Start adding your GA4 property by clicking Connect GA4 Property.
  3. On the property name, you can set any name you want for your property that is easy to remember.
  4. Enter your property’s Measurement ID  and API Secret.
  5. Click Connect Property.

Connecting multiple GA4 Properties

If you have multiple GA4 Properties added, you’ll need to create a new custom field on your objects so GA Connector could identify which GA4 property to send the event to.

  1. In Salesforce go to Setup >  Object Manager
  2. Select the object related to your event
  3. Click on Fields & Relationships and select New
  4. Choose Text as the Data type and click on Next
  5. On the Field Label, you can name it “Measurement ID” or anything you prefer
  6. On the Length field, use “255”
  7. On the Field Name field, it is required to set it as “gaconnector_GA_Measurement_ID
  8. Save your new custom field

This new custom field must contain the measurement ID of the GA4 property where you want the event to be sent.

If no custom field is found or the value is empty. GA Connector will send the event to the GA4 property that is set as default.