If you're integrating with Salesforce or Zoho CRM, this article may not apply because you're most likely using GA Connector API-based integration.

Add Google Analytics data to Mailchimp with GA Connector’s Mailchimp integration.

  1. Log into your account on Mailchimp account
  2. Click on “Lists”:Mailchimp main navigation panel
  3.  Choose the list you need:
    Choose list from the range
  4. Select “Signup forms”:
    Select signup forms
  5. Select “Form builder”: 
  6. You will see the form builder interface:
    Add fields to a formIn this interface, you will need to add the following fields to your form:

    All Traffic Sources Last Click Campaign
    Browser Last Click Channel
    City (from IP address) Last Click Content
    Country (from IP address) Last Click Landing Page
    First Click Campaign Last Click Medium
    First Click Channel Last Click Referrer
    First Click Content  Last Click Source
    First Click Content Last Click Term
    First Click Medium Latitude
    First Click Referrer Longitude
    First Click Source Number of Website Visits
    First Click Term Operating System
    GA Client ID Pages Visited
    Google Click Identifier Time Spent on Website
    Device  Time Zone
  7. To add the fields, click “Text” under “Add a field” Add text fields
  8. To edit the label of the field, click on the field.
    Under “Field settings”, you’ll be able to edit the Field label according to the Table above:Edit field labels
    Don’t forget to save the changes. 🙂
  9. Repeat steps 7&8 for all fields from step 6.
  10. Select “Signup forms” again and choose “Embedded forms”:Choose embed forms
  11. Scroll down to the section “Copy/paste onto your site” and modify the code of the fields that you’ve just created:
    a) Set style=”display: none;” for the fields’ divs (see the screenshot below).
    b) Set the ID attributes of the inputs with values from the table below.Add css rule display:none to the field groups and specific id for inputsHere are the ID attributes for each field:

    Field Name ID Attribute Field Name ID Attribute
    Last Click Campaign id=”lc_campaign” Device id=”device”
    IP Address id=”ip_address” Time Zone id=”time_zone”
    GA Client ID id=”GA_Client_ID” Time Spent on Website id=”time_passed”
    First Click Term id=”fc_term” Pages Visited id=”pages_visited_list”
    First Click Source id=”fc_source” Operating System id=”OS”
    First Click Referrer id=”fc_referrer” Number of Website Visits id=”page_visits”
    First Click Medium id=”fc_medium” Longitude id=”longitude”
    First Click Landing Page id=”fc_landing” Latitude id=”latitude”
    First Click Content id=”fc_content” Last Click Term id=”lc_term”
    First Click Channel id=”fc_channel” Last Click Source id=”lc_source”
    First Click Campaign id=”fc_campaign” Last Click Referrer id=”lc_referrer”
    Country (from IP address) id=”country” Last Click Medium id=”lc_medium”
    City (from IP address) id=”city” Last Click Landing Page id=”lc_landing”
    Browser id=”browser” Last Click Content id=”lc_content”
    All Traffic Sources id=”all_traffic_sources” Last Click Channel id=”lc_channel”

Also, note that fields “All Traffic Source” and “Pages Visited” should be generated as <textarea>, not as <input>. Make sure to replace <textarea> with <input> tag in order for GA Connector be able to save this data correctly.

GA Connector adds UTM information, geolocation, referral information to your Mailchimp leads.