Do you actually need this Salesforce & Google Adwords integration?

If you’re spending any significant amount of money with Adwords, then the answer is a resounding yes! A Salesforce and Google Adwords integration will help you skyrocket sales driven by your Adwords and other online marketing campaigns.

Why? Because it’s crucial to know the ROI of each of your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. Otherwise, you’re just flying blind, not knowing whether you should increase your ad spend or stop your campaigns.

That’s where a Salesforce and Google Adwords integration comes into play.

Salesforce and Adwords integration

Without this connection, it’s pretty much impossible to tell whether your Adwords campaigns have any real impact on sales.

And when your Salesforce CRM is integrated with Adwords, you can build amazing reports that help you answer questions like:

  • Does Adwords bring positive ROI?
  • Which of your campaigns is the most profitable one?
  • Which keywords and ad group should you turn off or improve, and which should you should invest more in?

What reports can you build after integrating Google Adwords with Salesforce?

In a nutshell, Google Adwords connection with Salesforce allows you to build two types of reports:

1. Salesforce reports and dashboards with Google Analytics data in them. For example, this dashboard allows you to see how many closed won Salesforce opportunities were originated from each Adwords campaign:

Salesforce report with Adwords campaigns

2. Google Adwords reports in Google Analytics with Salesforce information in them. For example, this report shows how much revenue was generated from each Adwords campaign:

Google Analytics with Adwords and Salesforce information combined

Google Analytics with Adwords and Salesforce information combined

You can also utilize powerful Google Analytics multi-channel attribution reports to look at the impact of online marketing on sales from different angles:

Model Comparison Tool with Salesforce conversions

Assisted Conversions (imported from Salesforce)

Best way to connect Google Adwords with Salesforce

There are a few methods to implement this connection, but we consider GA Connector the best one, because:

  • With GA Connector, the connection is happening seamlessly. You don’t have to manually import anything.
  • It allows you to see Adwords data in Salesforce, as well as to combine Salesforce & Adwords data in a powerful Google Analytics report. Hell, you can even plug in your favorite BI tool to see all your data there.

How to implement this integration

  1. Connect your Google Adwords and Google Analytics if you haven’t yet.
  2. Go to GA Connector website and sign up for a free 30-day trial.
  3. Select Salesforce as your CRM and follow the instructions.

As a result, all three systems will be connected: Adwords <–> Analytics <–> Salesforce. And you’ll be able to see Adwords data in Salesforce (as well as combined Adwords & Salesforce report in Analytics).

Any questions about this integration and the implementation? Feel free to contact us.

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