GA Connector for Salesforce can send information about any Salesforce object into Salesforce. It can send almost any field and information about how many objects of a certain type were created.

Here are just some examples of data points that GA Connector can send from Salesforce to GA:

  • Number of Opportunities created.
  • Number of Opportunities that reached a certain stage (e.g. closed won).
  • Number Leads that reached a certain status (e.g. Qualified or Converted).
  • Opportunities Amount (or any other field that represents a number, e.g. revenue or profit).
  • How many objects of any given type were created.
  • Any text field from any object.

After these data points are sent to Google Analytics, you can combine them with other Google Analytics metrics and dimensions in reports, and even create calculated metrics based on them.

As a result, you will be able to measure things like:

  • Revenue per channel.
  • ROI of each channel.
  • The number of qualified vs disqualified leads per channel.
  • The number of customers of certain type per channel (e.g. how many wholesale vs retail customers a certain marketing campaign generated)
  • And almost any other metric that can be calculated by combining Salesforce and Google Analytics data.

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