Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Google Analytics Integration

See Your Most Profitable Marketing Channels in MS Dynamics

GA Connector makes MS Dynamics and Google Analytics work together
to answer one of marketing biggest questions: where is my revenue really coming from?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Google Analytics integration

Integrate Google Analytics with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to:

  • Go beyond metrics like traffic, leads and conversions.
  • Know which sources, campaigns and keywords are driving sales.
  • Easily measure your marketing ROI and double down on successful campaigns

GA Connector helps us really hone in on a lead quality and which of our efforts are not only producing leads but are producing the best leads

Dan Hieb

Vice President of Digital Strategy at Franchise Performance Group

How it Works
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1. Your website visitor comes to your website and fills out one of your web forms.

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2. This integration code on your website identifies the source, medium and other Google Analytics information about this visitor.

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3. When the form submission appears in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it already has Google Analytics information associated with it.

Example of Google Analytics data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Discover How Leads Find You and What They See Before Buying

Last Click Channel

Last Click Source

Last Click Medium

Last Click Referrer

Organic Search



First Click Channel

First Click Source

First Click Medium

First Click Referrer




Track Campaign, Keyword and Channel Profitability

Last Click Term

Last Click Campaign

Last Click Content

Last Click Landing Page

(not provided)

(not set)

(not set)

First Click Term

First Click Campaign

First Click Content

First Click Landing Page

buy steel new york



See What Pages on Your Site are Closing Sales

Google Analytics Client ID

IP Address

Time Spent on Website

Number of Website Visits

Pages Visited





Pinpoint Your Best Leads' Location and Device


Operating System

City (from IP address)

Country (from IP address)

Time Zone


MAC OS 10.13.1

New York

United States


GA Connector has a 5-star rating on Capterra
GA Connector Capterra rating
You can use Google Analytics data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to run reports that answer questions like:
  1. Which marketing campaigns, keywords, ads etc produce the most qualified leads in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  2. Which traffic sources drive the most Closed Won opportunities.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM report

Microsoft Dynamics CRM report that uses Google Analytics Information


Can GA Connector track Adwords / SEO / Facebook / Organic / Bing / Etc.?

Yes. GA Connector is compatible with nearly every advertising service.

Is it safe/legal to track where my leads come from?

Absolutely. GA Connector is as safe and legal as using Google Analytics, or any other tracking software.

How reliable is the data I’ll be getting?

All the leads coming through your website are tracked using UTM parameters, referral information, IP data and Google-tested algorithms to determine the source for each user. Everything is linked to your CRM in real time, so there’s no data loss.

Do you provide support?

Of course! Our support team is always there to help you integrate GA Connector with your website and CRM.

Why GA Connector?
Track any traffic source

GA Connector supports all of the traffic sources that Google Analytics does: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Organic traffic from Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc, Referral, Social. you name it!

Both last- and first-click data

Whether a user comes to your site from one or multiple sources, GA Connector tracks it all!

Automatic import

Once the integration is configured, it will work automatically. No need to do anything manually.

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MS Dynamics CRM is a CRM System developed by Microsoft. It has a very flexible architecture and allows to implement advanced customization to meet your business needs. It also has strong integrations with other Microsoft software such as Outlook.

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Google Analytics is the leading web analytics software that lets you analyze users's behavior on your website. It's an industry standard web analytics software with many advanced features and integrations.

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