The main function of this add-on is to send events to Google Analytics. Pipedrive to GA4 allows you to send stats on closed deals from Pipedrive as events, allowing you to see deals closed by your sales team in Google Analytics.

Installation Guide

This add-on requires you to have the GA Connector app installed and authorized in Pipedrive.

  1. Configure your web forms to save the Google Analytics Client ID and Session ID
    Now that you have the custom field added to your objects, you’ll need to configure your web forms to save the ID (Google Analytics Client ID) of your web visitors to this field. Depending on what form you are using, there are different methods of retrieving the Google Analytics Client ID.Note: If you are using our product: GA-to-CRM (API version) no need to set up your forms as we automatically send this information to Pipedrive for you.
  2. Connect your GA4 Property
    Go to your CRM-to-GA Integration Configuration page add your GA4 property. At the preferences section, set it to Active.

Pipedrive to GA4 Standard Events

GA Connector comes with a built-in set of data points from standard objects that it automatically sends from Pipedrive to Google Analytics, such as:

Data PointEvent sent to GA4
When a Contact is created pipedrive_contact_created
When a Lead is createdpipedrive_lead_created
When a Deal is createdpipedrive_deal_created
When a Deal's Amount is updatedpipedrive_deal_amount_updated
(sends the amount value to GA4)
When a Deal's stage is updatedpipedrive_deal_stage_updated
(sends the stage value to GA4)
When a Deal is closed wonpipedrive_deal_closed_won
(sends the amount value to GA4)


  1. Are you able to send events from call leads as well?
    There are cases when you might be using call tracking tools such as Call Rail to generate leads. If you are able to extract the GA Client ID and GA Session ID from the call provider,  you can push these events to GA4 as well. All you need to do is to populate the GA Client Identifier and GA Session Identifier custom fields in Pipedrive (these are the fields that the GA Connector app has automatically created for you)

    If you can’t see the custom fields that have been created, please make sure that they are always visible in detail view or else known as pinned, whether or not a value is added.Alternatively, if you need to create them, please use the guide here: and make sure to use the same name as shown in the screenshot above.