GA Connector Data Usage Policy

This document outlines GA Connector data usage

Data flow

GA Connector is a Salesforce package that sends events to Google Analytics.

Here is a typical GA Connector flow:

  1. A Lead, Contact, Opportunity or other object is created in Salesforce. If this object contains Google Analytics client ID, it can be tracked by GA Connector. (GA client ID is a unique identifier created by Google Analytics, associated with a particular user. It has to be saved to Salesforce alongside form submission.)
  2. When a Salesforce object object is created or updated, GA Connector sends events directly to Google Analytics through the Measurement Protocol (without using our servers as a proxy). GA Connector package settings determine which objects and fields trigger GA events.
  3. You may configure Google Analytics goals, custom metrics and custom dimensions to capture the information sent by GA Connector.

All communication happens directly between your Salesforce Org and Google Analytics, through Measurement Protocol. No other servers are involved.

Data storage

Data retrieved from Salesforce are not stored and are not sent anywhere except Google Analytics. Salesforce has so-called "Remote Site Settings" that control where the data from the Org can and cannot be sent. The only domain GA Connector asks to add to Remote Site Settings is the Google Analytics domain.

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