Note 1: This integration requires a working connection with Zoho CRM. If you haven’t set it up during GA-to-CRM installation yet, you can do it here.

Note 2: If you’re already using the old version of our Zoho-to-GA integration, refer to this guide instead.

Step 1: Enter your GA Tracking ID here.

You can find your ID in Google Analytics – Admin – Property Settings – Tracking Id (more info).

Step 2: Save GA Client ID cookie to Zoho CRM

Client ID is a Google Analytics cookie that identifies each user. GA Connector needs it to send CRM data to Google Analytics. You can use this instruction

Step 3: Map GA Client ID field from Leads to Potentials and Accounts

Instruction here.

Step 4: Install these Google Analytics goals in your account

  1. Open this link.
  2. Select the target Google Analytics view and click “Create”.

Reached the maximum number of goals?
a) create a new Google Analytics view and install Salesforce goals there
b) or unselect the Salesforce goals that you don’t plan to use