Step #1 – Install GA Connector package on Production Org

Ideally, you should use the same version of the package that you used on Sandbox. Link to the most recent version can be found here.

Step #2 – Import GA Connector Settings using Data Loader

Why Data Loader?
Changesets and packages can’t be used for this, because they don’t allow transferring object records (and GA Connector settings are actually object records).
Which leaves us with two options: manually or using the standard Salesforce Data Loader tool.
Transferring these settings can be error-prone, that’s why we recommend Data Loader.
Here is how to do it:
  1. Delete records of “GA Connector General Settings”, “GA Connector Insert Request Settings” and “GA Connector Update Request Settings” from Production. If you didn’t customize Insert Request Settings or Update Request Settings, you can just transfer the General Settings.
  2. Use Data Loader to export records of the above objects from Sandbox to CSV files. Use this Salesforce tutorial for details on how to do it.
  3. Import these CSV files to Production via Data Loader. Use this Salesforce tutorial for details on how to do it.

Step #3 – Update the license key

GA Connector license keys are specific to each Org. Which is why it’s necessary to generate a license key for the Production Org separately.

You can generate a 30-day free trial license key here. Or in case you’ve already bought GA Connector subscription, you can request your key from [email protected]

The license key should be pasted in Salesforce -> Salesforce Classic view tab -> GA Connector General Settings -> Go -> Main.

Or if you’re using Lightning: Salesforce -> Salesforce Lightning all tabs icon -> GA Connector General Settings -> Switch from “Recently Viewed” to “All” -> Main.