This article is deprecated because the current version of our Zoho-to-GA extension already has this feature built-in (it automatically sends info about manually created Potentails/Deals to GA).


GA Connector Extension relies on the presense of GA Client ID in the Potential/Deal in order to sync it with Google Analytics.

When you convert a Lead into a Potential/Deal, field mapping takes care of carrying GA Client ID into Potentials/Deals and Accounts.

The problem is, when you create a Potential manually for a given Account, there is no Lead conversion involved, so field mapping won’t help there.

The solution is to create a workflow rule that will automatically fill out Potential GA Client ID field from the corresponding Account.


The steps are outlined below:

Open Zoho CRM – Setup – Automation – Worflow rules

Click on “Create Rule”

Fill out parameters of the wokflow rule like shown on the screenshot:

As a part of creating a workflow rule, create a custom function with the following arguments and associated module:

Add the following code to the function:

potential = zoho.crm.getRecordById(“Potentials”,input.potential_id);

update = zoho.crm.updateRecord(“Potentials”,input.potential_id.toString(),{ “GA Client ID” : input.account_ga_cid });

That’s it!

Now when you create a new potential, this workflow rule will automatically fill out its GA Client ID field from the corresponding account.