Why does this happen?

GA Connector Logs can sometimes take up a lot of space:

GA Connector Logs


This happens when Verbose Logging is enabled in Salesforce -> Salesforce classic version tabs -> GA Connector General Settings -> Go -> Main:

GA Connector General Settings

If you uncheck “Verbose Logging Enabled”, GA Connector will stop creating new logs.


How to delete existing logs (method #1)

And to purge the logs that have already been created, you can do the following:

1. Go to the Developer Console in the upper right corner of your Salesforce tab.

Developer Console Salesforce

2. Inside Developer Console, click Debug -> Open Execute Anonymous Window.

3. Past this code in the window that appears:

4. Click “Execute”:

Apex Code Salesforce


That’s it! You can make sure that the logs were deleted in Salesforce – Administer – Data Management – Storage Usage.


Alternatively, you can truncate GA Connector Logs object.

How to delete existing logs (method #2)

Unfortunately, method #1 will sometimes produce an error in case you have a lot of GA Connector Logs:

Apex Code executed

For this case, you can use an alternative method:

1. Navigate to Setup >> Customize >> User Interface.

2. Select the “Enable Custom Object Truncate” setting in the Setup section as shown below and save the changes.

Custom Object Truncate Salesforce

3. Open the custom object definition page for the custom object. To do this, Navigate to Setup >> App Setup >> Create >> Objects, and click on “GA Connector Log”.

4. Click “Truncate” and finish the records deletion process.

GA Connector Log


Will we lose any data if we delete GA Connector Logs?

No, you won’t lose any data if you delete GA Connector Logs.